We focus on people; our client’s most valued assets

What we do

CHC Global assists our clients to understand and manage their special risks. Working as a partnership, we build an understanding of the issues and develop structured and comprehensive mitigation strategies. Our expert teams cover both risk treatment through technical advisory and risk transfer via insurance.

We focus on people; our client’s most valued assets. We can ensure that organisations have the capabilities and tools to prepare and respond to a crisis; be that duty of care, physical damage, business interruption or reputational risks.

Employing advanced technology where appropriate, we seek to employ innovative solutions. We have a global footprint with experience operating in five continents, including challenging and hostile environments. Our client base ranges from high net worth individuals to global enterprises, developing long term relationships to build capability and resilience.

CHC Global is the commercial partner for the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) at the University of Maryland. Working with our partners at START, we are able to leverage high quality academic research on asymmetric threats, and proprietary data sets including the Global Terrorism Database (GTD) into our work.

How We Deliver


We are innovative in our approach. Leveraging our deep and broad expertise, we seek to offer solutions that are both effective and efficient. We employ new technologies where appropriate, as well as seeking novel methods to exploit tried and tested approaches.


We recognise that modern life is complex. Mass transport, instant communications and big data are changing lives and environments at a frightening pace. As a niche provider, we have the ability to react to dynamic conditions and are confident to work with limited information. We can respond rapidly and globally, but continue to provide a bespoke and personalised service.


We are committed to long term relationships with our clients. Building impactful products and services and conducting business with integrity, rigor and to the highest standard, we provide confidence to our clients in troubled times.

Special Risks Advisory


We provide strategic advice and insight on the changing nature of the threats, potential loss scenarios and insurance market trends. Our consultants are subject matter experts in the fields of explosive devices, Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) weapons, counter terrorism operations and terrorism academia. With a flexible approach, our solutions tend to fall into three broad areas: peril insight, probable maximum loss (PML) studies and portfolio analysis.


Working alongside our insurance partners, we provide specialist support to clients exposed to a range of malicious acts. 

3. Cyber

Working alongside our technical partners, we integrate cyber risk assessment into an overall assessment of malicious threats, risks and vulnerabilities. Importantly, this allows all security risk to be integrated in a seamless way into the risk register. We have particular experience of looking at the intersection between the cyber and physical to determine risks associated with Industrial Control Systems and other areas where there is a blurring of the cyber and physical domains.



Having worked with many of the world’s leading companies, we are equipped to design, maintain and audit corporate security policies, structures and outcomes.  


We have significant experience of building crisis capacity in organisations.  This can include the development of policies and plans from first principles, or rehearsing existing arrangements.

3. Business Continuity Management

As well as the ability to design and implement BCM arrangements for organisations with unusual exposures, we are often asked to help develop specific threat and risk assessments to contribute to a wider BCM strategy. We also have experience of designing innovative response and recovery strategies, including those relating to chemical, biological and radiological hazards.

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