Annual Malicious Risk Report 2024


Meaningful insights to approach uncertainty

Non-linear change, significant uncertainty, and political tensions are challenges that many organisations will face in 2024. But how do we prepare for expected – and unexpected – events, many of which are complex or even interconnected?

In this Annual Malicious Risk Report, our team of experts provide a strategic overview of the global malicious risk environment. Exploring the trends, identifying relevant questions, and drawing pragmatic conclusions for senior leaders across three themes:

Geopolitical Implications of Energy Transition: Rare-earth competition, resource nationalism and geoeconomics.

Race for Technological Superiority: International tech rivalry, supply chain vulnerabilities and malicious cyber.

Political Polarisation: Strikes, riots and civil commotion (SRCC), disinformation and the hardening of geopolitical blocs.

The report is a must read for any organisation looking to understand and manage their malicious risks.

Annual Report 2024

Annual Malicious Risk Report

The Annual Malicious Risk Report is produced by CHC’s team of leading malicious risk experts specialising in strategic security issues such as terrorism and political violence, operating in complex environments, malicious cyber, and civil unrest. The insights offered will help organisations of all sizes plan for expected and unexpected malicious activity, by providing intelligence about the risks most likely to have an impact on business.  

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Live webinar

Thank you for joining us on 19th January 2024 as we launched our Annual Malicious Risk Report. Watch the below recording to catch up on the three key themes we believe are relevant in shaping the risk landscape in 2024 and beyond.

Stay ahead of the curve in a volatile world and empower yourself to understand and manage Malicious Risks.

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About the Authors

The Annual Malicious Risk Report is researched and produced by the CHC Global in-house Advisory Team. The team works in partnership with clients to understand and manage complex malicious risks. Without exception, every team member is impressive in their experience and expertise, with individuals working collaboratively to support clients and deliver advice.

Jerry Smith OBE
Senior Partner & Head of Advisory

Jerry heads up the CHC Advisory business, working with the insurance industry, blue chip companies, national governments, supra-national organisations and international NGOs. Jerry is recognised globally as one of the leading experts in chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive materials (CBRNE) and advises CHC clients on risk management, crisis response and operational resilience projects.

Richard Harris-Deans
Director of Advisory

Richard analyses strategic security threats and risks, advising clients on their exposure to CBRN threats, terrorism and political violence. He is experienced in national security issues, such as geopolitical developments, and strategic threats including nuclear proliferation.

Alex Theodosiou
Senior Associate

A terrorism and insurgency specialist, Alex provides malicious risk intelligence across our team, supporting clients’ risk management programmes, critical decision making and duty of care responsibilities. He has both a BA and MA from the War Studies department at King’s College London and has an academic background in the study of CBRN.



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