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With international capability, our Advisory Practice engages with governments, international bodies and private sectors organisations to work in the highly-specialist field of CBRN risk management. Our team of advisers combine their experience and expertise to provide strategic, practical and analytical advice in this extremely complex arena.


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Latest CBRN Report Published

CBRN Risk Report July - December 2022

CBRN Risk Report
January – June 2023

The latest edition of our six-monthly report provides a robust review and analysis of CBRN incidents that have occurred in the first half of 2023. Evidence and analysis is provided for the growing appeal of CBRN among extremist groups; the report also examines the key global events that have taken place and, with examples, demonstrates that states need to maintain vigilance against this type of threat. Of course it also takes a look into the latest threats emanating from Russia and North Korea.

To find out how to obtain a copy of the report and to understand more about the threats, vulnerabilities and risks in relation to CBRN materials, please get in touch.

Our CBRN Lead

Photography of Jerry Smith OBE. He is a white man with short grey hair smiling at the camera.

Jerry Smith OBE

Senior Partner & Head of Advisory

Jerry Smith is recognised globally as a leading authority on CBRN and has been awarded the OBE for services to WMD counter-proliferation. He has spent his career working in this field including leadership roles in CBRN terrorism, counterproliferation, and as a United Nations weapons inspector and investigator. Influential, knowledgeable and a true expert, Jerry leads on the CBRN projects for CHC Global and our clients.

Our Services

Strategic Understanding of CBRN Risk

We work with clients to develop a deep understanding of their potential CBRN threats, vulnerabilities, and risks; giving them a solid and accurate foundation on which to build their counter-CBRN strategies. After this initial assessment, clients often engage with us to develop their strategy or to be on-hand as a trusted advisor.

Capability Development

We support clients in developing their capabilities and plans to achieve their strategic aims. We also guide purchasers and suppliers involved in the procurement of specialist CBRN related equipment. Drawing on our knowledge, clients are empowered to make informed decisions around appropriate and compliant solutions, products, and services.

Support for Large-Scale Projects

We work with clients, including military and emergency services, to develop large-scale CBRN related projects. Drawing on our experience, we are able to facilitate effective joint working relationships in complex, multi-stakeholder CBRN initiatives.

Travel Risk Management

Tailored advice and training is provided to organisations, particularly news media companies, whose staff are being deployed to hostile environments. Our clients are looking to fulfil their duty of care obligations and ensure their journalists are fully prepared, knowing the appropriate actions to take in the face of a CBRN attack, poisoning, or industrial accident.


Monitoring and Analysis

Continuous monitoring of global CBRN incidents and events, provides us with a robust evidence base to identify important developments and emerging trends in the malicious use of CBRN materials.  CBRN Risk Reports are issued on a six-monthly cycle or can be commissioned on a bespoke basis. Our monitoring and analysis services are a valuable source of data for terrorism underwriters and risk managers.  You can find out more about our CBRN Risk Reports here.


Working alongside Jerry Smith, out team of senior advisers have held counter-terrorism and counter-proliferation roles in academia, the UK government, emergency services, and the military. Our combined expertise and experience in military operations, policing, emergency response as well as analysis and understanding of this complex area gives our clients confidence in the advice, support and analysis we provide.

Richard Harris-Deans
Director of Advisory

Richard analyses strategic security threats and risks, advising clients on their exposure to CBRN threats, terrorism and political violence. He is experienced in national security issues, such as geopolitical developments, and strategic threats including nuclear proliferation.

Ben Hawkins
Director of Advisory

Formerly a Chief of Staff for the UK’s multi agency response to CBRN incidents, Ben has a profound understanding of these specific perils and their complexities. Drawing on his experience, Ben is expert at quantifying, qualifying and managing CBRN risks for our clients.

Alex Theodosiou
Senior Associate

A terrorism and insurgency specialist, Alex provides malicious risk intelligence across our team, supporting clients’ risk management programmes, critical decision making and duty of care responsibilities. He has both a BA and MA from the War Studies department at King’s College London and has an academic background in the study of CBRN.


Annual Malicious Risk Report


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      CBRN Risk Report July – December 2022

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