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Strategic Malicious Risk Advisors


We are strategic advisors, supporting organisations and individuals to better understand and manage their malicious risks. Drawing on our real-world experience, deep expertise and digital platforms, our clients find solutions to their most complex challenges. Building confidence and maturity in how they protect their people, assets, data and operations.


What are Malicious Risks?

Malicious risks are deliberate actions intended to cause significant harm, loss, or disruption to organisations or individuals. These include:

Political violence

Protest and civil unrest


Kidnap, ransom and extortion

Active assailant attacks

Travelling to and operating in complex environments

Hostile cyber activity

Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) incidents

How we work

Our unique structure means that knowledge and expertise flow seamlessly between our advisory practice and insurance broking team, so our clients can be confident they are receiving tailored support to help them understand, manage or transfer their complex malicious risk exposures.

Our Clients

We have a global footprint with experience operating in five continents, including challenging and hostile environments. Our clients include national governments, multi-national corporations, charities and NGOs, domestic businesses, and private offices.  We always aim to work in close partnership with our clients developing long-term and enduring relationships.

Latest News

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When considering the volatility and uncertainty in the risk environment, boards and senior leadership teams are expected to have considered emerging trends, and whether operational resilience arrangements suitably protect an organisation’s trading position and reputation. 

10 April 2024

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4 April 2024

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Dive into the Future: Annual Malicious Risk Report 2024 Out Now

Our Annual Malicious Risk Report for 2024 is live, offering

6 February 2024

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