Dive into the Future: Annual Malicious Risk Report 2024 Out Now

6 February 2024

Our Annual Malicious Risk Report for 2024 is live, offering a deep dive into the ever-changing world of malicious risks. Building on past analyses, we spotlight three key drivers:

  • Strategic competition.
  • Climate change and decarbonisation.
  • The fourth industrial revolution.

These factors not only shape malicious risks but also influence geopolitics, economics, and societal cohesion.

Looking forward, we pinpoint three impactful themes for 2024:

  • The geopolitical implications of energy transition.
  • The race for technological superiority.
  • Political polarisation.

Discover more about these trends and how they interconnect creating what we term “networked risk” Alongside these themes we pose key questions to help organisations think about their risk exposure, and the issues they should be considering to build resilience.

To empower your team with crucial insights, download the Annual Malicious Risk Report 2024 here. Stay ahead in understanding the intricate landscape of strategic malicious risks in 2024.

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