CHC Annual Report Webinar

Stay ahead of the curve in a volatile world and empower yourself to understand and manage Malicious Risks. Watch below.

About CHC Global

Hear from our Chief Executive, Chris Holt MBE. Find out more about our work as Independent Malicious Risk Advisors and how we work alongside our clients.

What makes us different?

Find out about our investment in real experts and advanced technology, and how this allows us to offer a genuinely different set of services to our clients.

What are Malicious Risks?

CHC Global are malicious risk advisors, but what do we mean by malicious risks? Our CEO, Chris Holt MBE, defines malicious risks and explains why risk governance is becoming increasingly important for business leaders, wherever they operate in the world.

Terrorism and The Increasingly Complex World

We live and work in an increasingly complex world, find out why in this short video from our CEO, Chris Holt. Chris explains the impact global changes have had on terrorism, and how we work with our clients, providing them with the confidence to operate safely and meet their duty of care obligations, wherever they are in the world.

CHC Global: Why brokers choose us

Find out why insurance brokers around the globe choose to work with CHC Global

CHC Global, Our Clients

Jerry Smith, Head of Advisory talks about the types of organisation, both at home and overseas, that seek advice and guidance from CHC Global on how to better understand and manage their complex malicious risk exposures.

The CHC Global Team

In this short video, Jerry Smith, Head of Advisory, talks about the talent and expertise within CHC Global; how the broad capability across the business coupled with the deep expertise of individuals allows the CHC team to support clients across a range of malicious risk management issues.

Jerry Smith, Head of Advisory

Jerry Smith OBE Head of Advisory at CHC Global talks about his broad experience in malicious risk management. From being an officer in the British Army and working at Porton Down to becoming a chemical weapons inspector, war crimes investigator and working for the UN.

Malicious Risks and Issues for Business

Watch this short video to find out more about the types of malicious risks that businesses are facing, and the resulting issues that may need addressing.

Probable Maximum Loss (PML) Studies

Find out more about our PML studies and how this 360 degree view of malicious risks helps our clients make informed decisions in this complex field of risk management.