Our work has led us into many and varied industry sectors which include:


Event Venues





Private Client


Our clients and projects are based right across the globe including challenging and hostile environments. National governments, charities and NGOs, multi-national corporations, domestic businesses, and private offices have all sought the advice and guidance of our insurance and advisory experts.

While we work with some clients on a project-by-project basis others are looking for a long-term partnership to help realise their own ambitions of becoming centres of excellence when it comes to managing malicious risks.

Industry Support

As well as working with individual organisations we are frequently called up on to provide our specialist advice and guidance at an industry level, be that in developing sector-wide strategies or providing a view and opinion on global events or incidents. Industry bodies we support include:

Association of Event Venues (AEV)

Multi Association Security Awareness Group (MASA)

Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) 

Association of University Chief Security Officers (AUCSO)

International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Officers (IACLEA)

Rory Peck Trust

Lloyd’s of London

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    If you are an existing client with an emergency, please call the 24/7 number on your policy documents.